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Hsu Qi, Hsu Chi, Qi Shu, Shu Kei, Shu Qi, Kei Shu, Li-Hui Lin. Pick a name, they all belong to the same gorgeous face. Hsu Chi first came to the English speaking film world by landing a starring role next to Jason Statham in an action flick by name of The Transporter. This was just in 2002, she had a solid career already established in the East before making the jump across the pond. The majority of her film work was done in the action capital of the world, Hong Kong. Action fans may have picked up on this beauty in '96 when she played Jackie Chan's love interest in Gorgeous. Film critics have appreciated the performances she put in for Chinese and Taiwanese cinema. Movies like Beijing Rocks and the infectious Millenium Mambo really helped affirm this babes credibility as an actor.

Well that's enough of the encyclopedic chat, lets get down to the good stuff.

Where can I see her naked?

An excellent question my freinds. You've come top the right place, for your quest ends here. Below I've gathered all I can of Hsu Chi. Miss Chi was kind enough to start her movie star career out like so many before her, ye ole softcore porn route. God bless her soul and her baring it all to us.

First Things First

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Some Qi Shu Gallery Collages

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I took these scans from the movies I downloaded at Dynamix I've been going to Dynamix for years to check out Japanese AV talent and it turns out Hsu Chi is popular in Japan and it was pretty much Japanese dudes that launched her into stardom. I think I've signed up with Dynamix 3 times already, over the years. Each time I rape them of content, they have some of the best movies of famous Japanese porn stars. A lot of the old stuff is censored, but when dealing with girls like Sally Yoshino and Aika Mura a guy takes what he can get. Membership at Dynamix is cheap, just $14.95 for one month, still the best deal online for Asian porn.

My Favorite 3 Galleries of Miss Kei Shu

I compiled these ones myself, 3 galleries of my favorite Hsu Chi pics, the nude ones I mean.

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